And Your Next Visit

COVID-19 and What to Expect at Your Next Visit

Prior to Your Appointment

  • Please tell us if you have: fever, shortness of breath, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat,headaches, fatigue or weakness, lost sense of taste or smell or if you have been in close contact with anyone who has these symptoms or has tested positive for or suspected of having COVID-19. 
  • If you have been asked by us to fill out forms, please do so and email them to us.
  • Let us know of any changes to your insurance information.
  • Please wear a mask to your appointment
  • Plan your trip to the office so that you arrive as close to your appointment time as possible (not too early, not too late).  Appointment times have been scheduled in such a way to maintain social distancing.

Check-in from Outside of the Office (Parking Garage or Front Steps)

  • When you arrive to the office building, call (703) 528-8118 to check in
  • Stay in your car or on the front steps of the building until you are instructed to enter the office

Entering the Office

  • Please put on a mask before entering the office.
  • Upon entering the office, a team member will greet you and escort you to the treatment room.
  • Patient escorts will be asked to return to their car while you are receiving care. (A parent may accompany young children with scheduled appointments. Siblings of these children will be asked to remain at home or wait outside.)

In the Treatment Room

  • As prior to the pandemic, your treatment room will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival. Since then, we have added medical grade HEPA air purifiers to filter the air in the treatment room.
  • At the beginning of every appointment, you will be asked to remove your mask and pre-rinse with a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution, as some studies suggest COVID-19 is sensitive to oxidative stress
  • We will review your medical history and may take your temperature prior to any treatment
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for use
  • Magazines, however, will not be available as they are difficult to clean and disinfect

After Your Appointment

  • When your appointment has completed, place your mask back on prior to leaving the treatment room
  • To encourage social distancing at the front desk, over the phone and online payment options are available

Feel free to contact our office at (703) 528-8118 or [email protected] if you have any questions or would like more information regarding your next visit.